We Have Some News!

To all of our dear STEAM contributors,
Hello there. This is Team Tickle.

To start it off, we want to say a loud thank you for you being a very important part of the Tickle family and giving us great feedback on exceptional things we achieve together in coding education.

It has been a challenging journey. With our limited resource yet with unlimited dedication, we have put enormous effort in order to make coding education more accessible. To help you record your learning progress and share your own works, we have built Tickle Account system for you to enjoy access to your work anywhere, anytime and also obtain special rewards as a Tickle member. By equipping yourself with premium device support or abundant virtual content, you are able to take the leap in coding education.

Thank you once again for your support to Tickle App all this time. To ensure your free access to all features Tickle App currently provides, remember to create a Tickle Account before April.29th, 2017, since they will only be accessible for account owners to acquire from then on.

For the educational institutes and schools, who might look for customized teaching plans for classes of any scale, you are welcome to get in touch and send us your thoughts for further discussion.

We cannot thank you enough for accompanying Team Tickle along the way and your appreciation of what we have contributed to STEAM as a whole. With everyone’s devotion and support, we are confident in making Tickle more powerful, sustainable and beneficial to every curious mind.

For any inquiry, you can reach us at: support@tickleapp.com
Lastly - hey, just keep on coding. Great inspiration starts from here.

Lots of love,
Team Tickle