Flying Time, Speed, and Distance


  • Program a drone to fly forward at a particular speed for a specified duration to a target, then backward to the origin where it started.


  • Program a drone to fly at different speed and duration settings, in order to fly a specific distance.

  • Related Physics concepts:

    • Linear relationship between speed, time, and distance

    • Velocity is a vector describing speed value with a direction


Create a Drone Project

  • Create a new drone project by tapping "+ New Project" via "MY PROJECTS". Choose the template that matches the model of your Parrot drone. Here we use the Parrot Airborne Night as an example

Fly Forward and Backward

  • Use the block in the Motion category Set speed to 30 % to set the flying speed after taking off. You can change the speed by tapping on the numeric value.

  • Use the block in the Motion category, move forward for 1 secs to set the moving direction and the duration. You can choose a direction from the pull-down menu to fly forward, backward, left, and right.

  • Now, let's make the drone fly forward, flip, then fly backward. The drone should return to its original starting location after executing all the commands. The program should look like the following:

  • Let's start flying by tapping the green Play button!

Let’s do more: Relationship between Speed, Time, and Distance

  • Program the Parrot drone to fly a specific distance by changing its speed and flying duration. To fly twice the distance, you can double the speed setting, for example, from 50% to 100%. Another way is keeping the speed the same, but doubling the flying time.

  • In Physics, distance = speed x time. Velocity is a vector physical quantity; both magnitude and direction are required to define it. The scalar absolute value (magnitude) of velocity is called "speed".


  • Set a target landing zone and program the drone to fly and land in the that zone. Try adjusting the speed setting to 25% and 50% and see how much flying time is needed to reach the target landing zone.

  • Discussion: if you want to fly to the target zone in half of the time, how should the speed setting be adjusted?