Intro to Flying


  • Program a drone to take off, flip multiple times, and land.


  • Become familiar with visual programming.

  • Program a drone to fly using basic motion commands.

  • Learn the coding concept "loop": a control statement for specifying iteration which allows code to be run repeatedly.


Create a Drone Project

  • Create a new drone project by tapping + New Project via "MY PROJECTS". Choose the template that matches the model of your Parrot drone. Here we use the Parrot Airborne Night as an example.

Connect to the Drone

  • Power on the drone, and wait until its eyes are steady green (about 30 seconds).

  • Your drone should automatically be detected and shown in the "Available Devices" dialog. Tap on it to connect.

    • Note: Swipe left/right if you have multiple drones.

    • Tip: If your drone is powered on but not automatically detected, tap on the drone icon to show all available devices and for more tips on troubleshooting.

  • The drone will show a battery status icon if it's successfully connected. Please charge the drone whenever the battery status becomes red, because the drone may stop responding to your commands.

Let's Fly

  1. Let's review blocks in the new-created document before we start to fly.

    1. :the blocks attached to this block start to execute after tapping the Play button of Tickle.

    2. : make the drone take off, which takes about 4 seconds to complete.

    3. : flip forward.

    4. : land the drone.

  2. Please make sure there are at least 2 meters of open space around the drone

  3. Press the green Play button to start flying.

Make the drone flip 5 times.

  1. Let’s add a total of 5 flip blocks.

  2. Press the green Play button to see the drone flip 5 times.

    • Tip: If your drone won't flip for multiple times, try adding a "Wait for 1 secs" block between each flip command.
  3. Instead of using 5 flip blocks, try adding the block Repeat 5 times with a single flip block inside.

  4. In programming, a loop is a control statement that allows code to be executed repeatedly. In Tickle, any block whose label begins with "forever" or "repeat" is a looping construct.